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Covid 19 Base Restrictions

4/6: 'Limited Customer Access to 155 patrons at a time 4/13: Limited Customer Access to 80 patrons at a time 4/27: 'As of 21-APR-20, Health screening will be conducted on all personnel entering the installation. Non-mission essential visitors are restricted from accessing KAB. Only mission essential MLC/IHA personnel with a signed memorandum from their Unit Commander may enter KAB. On-base taxi services are prohibited. Physically entering an off-base restaurant is prohibited. Use of off-base child care and schools is prohibited. Public/mass transit is prohibited to include use of off-base taxis and buses. Off-base travel is limited to traveling directly between their place of residence and their place of work. 5/26: As of 21-MAY-20, Marines are allowed to purchase take-out food from off-base restaurants, send their children to off-base schools, and child care facilities, and visit beaches and public parks. 6/12: HPCON-B 7/14: As of 13-JUL-20, 18WG declared HPCon Charlie and implementing off-base restrictions. 7/16: As of 15-JUL-20, Events/activities/locations where social distancing is not possible or practiced, fitness centers, crossfit boxes, and similar facilities are prohibited.' 9/15: As of 9-SEP-20, HPCON B was declared by the 18th Wing Command. Non-essential shopping is allowed off base.

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