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14 Sep 2014

Being Adventurous is Healthy for You

Adventurous, I am adventurous…or am I?  Are you? I was chit-chatting with my husband and we were talking about how being adventurous is healthy for you.  How?  Well, it’s simple actually.  Being adventurous requires one to be active and to almost be on the run a lot of the time. It gives one the opportunity to be healthier both mind and bo…Read more

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31 Aug 2014

Healthy Friendships

I’m the type of person who really doesn’t mind going to the Commissary every week (or so) and grabbing a few groceries.  Being a stay-at-home mom, it gives my daughter and I time for some extra people-to-people interaction.  However, lately (since I found out I’m pregnant) I don’t want to do ANYTHING…grocery shopping, errands, laundry, nada!…Read more

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26 Aug 2014

Healthy Crock Pot Cooking Tips!

Healthy Crock Pot/Slow Cooker Tips So I am a big fan of family dinners. I am sure some of you can relate with me at the frustration of this not always happening, right? Military life gets hectic, and our spouse’s schedule, and your whole family’s schedule for that matter, can sometimes make it hard to have family time.  While my husband…Read more

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11 Aug 2014

Tips For Simplifying Healthy Meal Planning!

Meal planning is the best way to ensure your family is eating nutritious quality food.  It is important to make purposeful decisions about the food you bring into your home and serve to your family, but life can definitely get hectic and makes this a lot harder.  If you feel overwhelmed with meal planning on your own, check out these helpful…Read more

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