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19 May 2015

Making Salad Fun and Tasty

May is National Salad Month!! Yes, you read that correctly, an entire month devoted to salads! Salads are a great source of eating more greens, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Now I have a confession, I was never that person that loved to eat salad, or even lettuce for that matter! However, since changing my…Read more

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10 May 2015

Hello Sunshine!!

We may not realize it, but sunshine is one of the most important things we need for good health.  Sunshine helps our body produce vitamin D, which helps with our body absorbing other nutrients that we get from our diet.    I don't know about you, but I always feel sluggish after being cooped up in the house for too long.  When I go outsi…Read more

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19 Apr 2015

National Picnic Day!!

National Picnic Day             April 23rd marks the day for National Picnic Day! It can be so enjoyable to gather the family, spread out the blanket, and enjoy the beautiful weather with great tasting food.  National Picnic Day is the perfect day to make this dream come true! If the weather doesn’t coo…Read more

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05 Apr 2015

What's In Season For Spring!!

If you've ever tried trying to eat cleaner to achieve a certain goal, you know that it sometimes can be pricey.  However, if you plan your eating habits around the different seasons you can certainly save quite a bit of money.  I'm talking about eating and buying what's in season.  Right now it's Spring and there are LOTS of different fruits an…Read more

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01 Mar 2015

Banana Nut Power Muffins...WITH A TWIST!!!

Looking for an awesome muffin either for a snack, to take with you for the car ride to work or to give your kids when their hungry?  These Banana Nut Power Muffins are my favorite thing to make for myself and my little one…mainly because they have hidden veggies-WOOT WOOT! I just recently made another batch because I had a ton of banan…Read more

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