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20 Oct 2014

Nutrition Tips For HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is almost here! Although the stores have been preparing for it for weeks now, some of us are just getting started. Which is NOT a bad thing! It has been said that waiting until the last minute to get your candy is a SMART idea. Normally holidays are a time that allows for a little indulging, but the difference with Hallowee…Read more

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19 Oct 2014

Guilt Free Snacks and Recipes!!!

Okay, so I hate to admit it…but I am a very frequent snacker! Sometimes, I feel like I snack too much and on the wrong things-we all do we’re human.  However, being a personal and trainer and looked to for my “healthy” ways…it’s hard for me to swallow what I’m eating (when I know it’s bad), especially when I suggest others to not eat it.  Why…Read more

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09 Oct 2014

Sometimes Laughter Can Be the Best Medicine!

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Overwhelmed? Did you know that even when it seems impossible to do, or like the last thing you want to do, laughter just might be your answer. Not only does laughter make you happy, but it makes others happy too. Check out these fun facts for what laughter does for your body: In the last few…Read more

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28 Sep 2014

What's In Season-Fall Produce

HAPPY FALL!! YAY, is anyone as excited as I am that it's finally Fall??  I know I have been ready for sweaters and cool weather for a while now.   So, my question for the season is...What is in season?  I'm a stiffler when it comes to buying produce.  I want the best of the best and for a good price.  How do you get the best of both worlds?…Read more

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